See the TracGuide for help documentation.

This site was installed on ticket:1.

Create an Trac account

SSH into the Crin1 server and run:

sudo -i
su - trac -s /bin/bash
export NEWUSER="username"
htdigest .htpasswd trac $NEWUSER

And if they need admin permissions also run:

trac-admin /var/www/trac permission add $NEWUSER admin
trac-admin /var/www/trac permission add $NEWUSER TRAC_ADMIN

Then login as the user and set their email address at


See the email2trac wiki, the config file is /etc/email2trac.conf.

This site supports commenting on tickets via email, this was set up on ticket:1#comment:15 and the white listing of registered email addresses was done on ticket:58#comment:3

Each year the fingerpint of the server the Trac email accounts collects email from using fetchmail needs changing when the cert if updated, see ticket:69, to get the current fingerprint:

fetchmail -v -p imap -u | grep -i fingerprint

Then updated the ~/.fetchmailrc:

sudo -i
su - trac -s /bin/bash
vim .fetchmailrc

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