Documentation for the Keyringer repo, see the install notes at ticket:79#comment:5

Install Keyringer

apt-get install keyringer

Check out the repo

Once you have a bitbucket account and have been added to the crin project:

cd ~
git clone

Keyringer config files

Your ~/.keyringer/config file should contain the paths to the different repo(s), for example:

crin-keys "/home/chris/crin-keys"

And you should also have a ~/.keyringer/crin-keys file, this is for repo specific options, it works fine with an empty file.

Decrypt a file

cd ~/crin-keys/keys 
gpg -d test.asc

Edit a file

keyringer crin-keys edit test
cd ~/crin-keys/keys
git commit -a 
git push

Create a file

keyringer crin-keys encrypt




cd ~/crin-keys
git add keys/
git commit -a 
git push
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