The server, at is a 8G RAM, 10 CPU core, virtual server running 64 bit Debian 8.0, Jessie, which was configured in April/May 2015.

This server is running these services:

SSH Fingerprints

These were produced using the SshFingerprints script:

1024 22:a9:9b:4c:23:96:df:67:9e:36:34:62:09:1d:48:de /etc/ssh/ (DSA)
256 43:e6:eb:6c:41:7c:f7:07:de:5b:ee:2f:84:04:6a:37 /etc/ssh/ (ECDSA)
256 7e:76:12:5f:17:8a:09:98:33:b2:15:c2:6b:75:26:ba /etc/ssh/ (ED25519)
2048 6f:77:2e:b1:9d:2e:e4:a4:22:aa:c0:05:3f:44:4e:45 /etc/ssh/ (RSA)





Current crin2 tickets

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#129 Problem with image uploads chris chris
#120 crin2 mail queue chris chris
#117 Install Newrelic on Crin2 chris chris
#115 500 Errors for chris chris
#108 Go live chris russell
#100 site down chris chris
#99 Let's Encrypt Cert for chris chris
#97 Debian Stretch chris chris
#94 Ongoing high load caused by a bot chris chris
#73 CRIN2 ran out of memory chris chris
#56 Drupal Caching chris chris
#54 502 Errors chris chris

Closed crin2 tickets

Ticket Summary Owner Reporter
#105 High load and slow responses from Crin2 chris chris
#75 Load spike and small downtime chris chris
#55 Migrating Crin2 server to new hardware chris chris
#51 Number of php5-fpm processes on Crin2 chris chris
#50 Migrate to INNODB peter chris
#40 Check Bitbucket documentation chris chris
#38 [URGENT] down chris mori
#32 PHP error logs not found chris mori
#31 Preparation for deployment to new prod chris mori
#27 Crin2 certificate access chris peter

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